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Kyler Wineinger

Imagine coming from a high school with about 100 students to a major university with more than 20,000 students. Kyler Wineinger, a junior from Tribune, KS, made this transition to Kansas State University after graduating from Greeley County High School.

Wineinger is pursuing a general management degree and has always been interested in business. In high school he was able to take an accounting course, which he described as a "getting my toes in the water" type of introductory business class. The location of K-State is what attracted him the most.

With family in Topeka and grandparents that live about an hour away from Manhattan, Wineinger is in close proximity to his family. He also knew friends who already were attending K-State, which also helped in his transition to the university. Since starting his business major, he has had no problems getting involved.

Within the College of Business Administration, Wineinger participates in Professional Advantage events and is matched with an Executive Mentor. He likes the breadth of opportunities Professional Advantage provides, ranging from interview skills, resume checks, and other useful seminars. One of the most memorable PA events is negotiating salaries because it provided important items to consider when settling on a base salary with your employer.

Matched with an attorney from Hutchinson, KS, Wineinger works with his mentor to learn more about the career in law he plans to pursue. He was matched with his Executive Mentor last summer and corresponds with her several times a month. Through the relationship Wineinger has received real world advice and gotten his foot in the door for internships.

During the summer Wineinger will return to his hometown to work in the county attorney's office. He has been working there the past three years and also works during breaks and other times he is back home. He is preparing himself for the LSAT exam by taking appropriate courses and working with a pre-law advisor. Advising appoints are not the only things aiding Wineinger's success.

The best part of K-State, for Wineinger, is the faculty. "They aren't on a hierarchy or anything and are down to earth and very approachable," he said. He recalls a recent trip to the store and he saw one of his former instructors who still remembered his name. Wineinger believes the faculty is eager to help and that students need to show initiative and make an effort to get to know their instructors. His advice to incoming students is to "definitely don't be afraid to reach out to professors and upperclassmen."

Upon graduating from K-State, Wineinger's goal is to attend law school. His dream job is to work as a criminal prosecutor. His business management degree will help, because plans to own his own firm in the future.


Kyler Wineinger, Management

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