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Bonnie Boos

Leading a student organization and finding her passion for accounting are two things Bonnie Boos has done in her first two years at Kansas State. The sophomore from Salina, Kansas, declared her accounting major in the spring semester.

She credits her sister for introducing her to the College of Business Administration. Coming from a small high school, Sacred Heart in Salina, Boos didn't have the opportunity to take business courses until starting at K-State. With her older sister graduating from the College of Business Administration, Boos came to Manhattan for a campus visit. On her visit she saw the passion of everyone in the college and this fueled her motivation to pursue a business major.

"The feeling of home and friendliness of K-State and Manhattan are what I enjoy the most," said Boos. "It's a great place to come for college and there are endless opportunities to meet new people and get involved."

With involvement in the Beginning a Promising Profession (BAPP) Club, her sorority, Professional Advantage Advocates and being President for Cats for a Cure, Boos' calendar stays quite full. Her advice to incoming students is to get involved early and stay organized by using a planner because there are so many things you can get involved with. "Attend the K-State activities fair to see everything that's out there and get brochures from all tables, even if you aren't sure you are interested in joining," Boos said.

As a Professional Advantage Advocate, Boos attends many different seminars, lectures and other events. She likes to go to resume reviews and mock interviews because they will help her prepare for her future career. She adds that listening to lectures from company executives is great, too, because you get to learn more about company culture and how fun it might be to work for different businesses. Professional Advantage helps students network with companies throughout each semester.

Boos believes the benefit for business students is that Professional Advantage introduces them to companies they may have never considered. "Professional Advantage gives you a jumpstart to networking with major companies, so when you go to the career fair they may already have your name down and know that you are interested in them, and that they are interested in you," she said.

Italy is Boos' planned summer destination. She will participate in the CIMBA Italy program and take business and economics courses in Italy for four weeks. She has heard a lot of great things about the CIMBA program and is excited to participate.

When she isn't taking business courses and staying involved with extracurricular clubs and organizations, Boos frequents the campus rec center, K-State football and basketball contests and participates in intramural sports.

It's hard to keep up with the amount of things students, like Boos, do during their time at K-State. With two more years until graduation, she still has time to figure out future career plans. One thing is for sure: that is she will continue being a very involved K-State student.


Bonnie Boos, Accounting

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