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College of Business Administration

Professional Advantage Certification

Professional Advantage (PA) Certification is an exclusive program to the College of Business and is part of your Career Development Clear Path to Success. Our staff and industry experts provide essential training and resources to help you land your dream job.  You will learn soft skills essential to business. You will learn how to interview, write a professional resume, network, and much more.  Participation is strongly encouraged but not required for graduation.  

Two Steps. Fifteen Requirements.

Step 1 Workshops
1. Maximize Your Money  
2. CareerLeader Assessment 
3. Personal Branding  
4. Resume Development    
5. Effective Networking  
6. College of Business Event 
Step 2 Workshops
7. Career Coach Consultation
8. Cultivating Professional Relationships
9. Career-Related Involvement
10. Resume Validation
11. Job Search Prep
12. Crafting Cover Letters
13. Interview Basics
14. Mock Interview
15. Workplace Success                                         

Download the Career Development App to learn more - track your progress, sign up for workshops, and access other great resources. 

Certification Benefits:

  • Exclusive opportunity to list your resume in the Corporate Partner Resume Book
  • Invitations to private employer events
  • Professional Advantage Certified listed on your transcript and resume
  • A more polished, more professional version of yourself!


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