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College of Business Administration

Professional Advantage Certification Requirements

Professional Advantage (PA) Certification is an exclusive program in the College of Business and is part of your Career Development Clear Path to Success. Our staff and industry experts will provide you with essential training and resources to help you land your dream job. Through participation you will learn soft skills essential to business not learned in the classroom. You will learn how to effectively interview, write a professional resume, network, and much more.

Complete PA Certification Requirements and earn:

  • Exclusive opportunity to have your resume listed in the Corporate Partner Resume Book (starting in 2017)
  • Invitations to private employer events
  • Access to exclusive Advanced Training workshops
  • Professional Advantage Certified listed on your transcript in honors area
  • List Professional Advantage Certified on your resume

 Certification Step 1*

Professional Advantage Kickoff

  • Orientation to earning Professional Advantage Certification and learn from hall of fame speaker Patrick Combs the keys to landing your dream job.

CareerLeader Assessment

  • Take the Harvard Business School developed business career assessment to understand your interests, motivators, and skills and to identify jobs to fit your unique abilities.

Professionalism Workshop 1

  • You are building your professional image and network NOW; it doesn’t start in the workplace. In this workshop you will learn about the keys to be professional including integrity, delivering on promises, and attitude. You will also learn about professional dress and communication etiquette.

Resume Goal Planning Workshop

  • Plan the experiences you will engage in while in college to have your dream resume that meets College of Business professional resume standards.

Effective Networking Workshop

  • Networking is happening all the time – in class with your professors and classmates, at Career Development events, and company tables. Learn how to network effectively to make connections that can help you reach your career goals.

College of Business Event 1

  • Attend or participate in a listed College of Business event.


Certification Step 2 **

Executive Mentor Information Session

  • Learn about the Executive Mentor Program which provides business students with the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced executives by forging long-lasting, professional relationships. 

Job Search Prep Workshop

  • Learn how to effectively search for internships and jobs utilizing Career Center resources. Session also includes tips and advice to prepare for career fairs and other recruitment activities.

Effective Interviewing Workshop

  •  How to prepare, impress, and follow-up for traditional, phone, Skype, and panel interviews.

Mock Interview

  • Practice interviewing and receive feedback from our Career Development staff.  Only one mock interview is required; however, successful students do several to refine their skills.

Professionalism Workshop 2

  • Learn from experts what it takes to succeed during an internship and on the job.

Career Coach Consultation

  • Consult with your Career Coach.  

Resume Workshop & Validation

  • At this workshop you will write your professional resume. When your resume passes Validation it is endorsed by Career Development as being professionally ready to use to apply for internships/jobs.

Club/organization Membership

  • To be competitive it is essential to gain experience related to your career interest during the academic year.  This could be through club membership, part-time work, or other applicable activity.

College of Business Event 2

  • Attend or participate in a listed College of Business event.


* recommended completion during GENBA 110 (Business Foundations)

**recommended completion by end of sophomore year