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College of Business Administration

Career Closet- Ladies

Business Clothing Staples

  • Dark and a nude-colored classic blazer
  • Slightly more casual blazer
  • Dark, classic shoes and nude-colored shoes
  • Slacks that fit appropriately and at least touch the floor when you’re barefoot
  • A classic, white button-up
  • Cardigan; most office buildings are cold
  • Pencil skirt
  • A light coat, like a trench coat
  • Winter coat
  • Classic purse
  • Khakis
  • Dark jeans, no holes
  • Polo shirts
  • Ballet flats
  • Casual, nice shoes

Workwear Checklist

  • Are your buttons gaping?
  • Do your clothes need to be ironed?
  • If wearing a skirt, is it still appropriate when you sit or bend down. While sitting, your skirt should not be much above your knees.
  • Could you walk ½ a mile in your shoes if you had to? Also, no open-toe shoes on an interview.
  • Can people see cleavage?
  • Are you wearing too much perfume? Some people have allergies.
  • What color are your socks? Wear dark socks if wearing pants
  • Are your pants the right length? They should at least touch the floor without shoes.
  • Can others see your piercings? It is best not to display them
  • Is your hair and make-up appropriate? Hair, make-up, and nail colors should be low-key, not runway ready. You can use color, just use it in moderation.

Dress Code Guide

Business Professional – Required for career fairs, mock interviews, and interviews. Most businesses require this dress code daily. This would be appropriate for professional meetings, conferences, and anytime you need to make a professional impression. Oftentimes, business professional dress is appropriate for networking events. 

Business Casual­­­­­­­­­­­­ – Recommended for Professional Advantage seminars taught by alumni, executives, or company recruiters. Business casual is also appropriate for Casual Friday dress codes. Generally appropriate for networking events. 

Smart Casual – Recommended for every day class attire. Business classes frequently have guest speakers from hiring companies and the business building often has Company Meet and Greets in the entryways. This is neat yet informal attire. Nice jeans and a polo, button up shirt, or blazer. 



Image of Business Casual Wear


Ideas for Business Professional wear

smart casual

Outfits created by www.lovelyish.com and www.polyvore.com