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College of Business Administration

Study Abroad Programs

When you are a student in the College of Business Administration, you have many opportunities to study abroad. In addition to the many programs offered by the university, the college also offers business-student specific programs that will allow you to learn while you explore multinational companies and network with representatives with American companies abroad.

Business students go on semester-long study abroad programs, summer programs abroad, as well as faculty-led trips during winter and spring breaks. K-State business students are very adventurous, and have the support from faculty and staff to explore their options when selecting a study abroad destination. Our students have studied in Japan, Taiwan, China, Mexico, and South America, as well as more traditional destinations like Australia and Europe.

Studying abroad has many benefits, including gaining international experience and multicultural competency, personal growth and independence, as well as enhancing your fluency in a foreign language. Knowing a foreign language is not required, even when you go to a country where English is not spoken.

Think you don't have the money to study abroad? Think again! There are several scholarships available to students wanting to study in a different country, and some programs will allow you to pay regular K-State tuition.

More information:K-State is now offering two new minors: East Asian Studies and Chinese Studies. The CBA also offers a Certificate in International Business

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