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College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

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Student Success Center
1001 Business Building
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Dean's Office
2019 Business Building
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Student Awards

Outstanding Senior
Fall graduation is fast approaching and the Dean's Student Advisory Council is accepting applications/nominations for the College of Business Administration Outstanding Senior in Business Award. The senior selected as the recipient of this honor will receive a $500 cash award, a plaque and be recognized at the CBA Commencement ceremony.

Criteria for applications/nominations are as follows:

  1. Approved Fall 2016 graduate from an undergraduate program in the College of Business Administration
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.5

To apply for this award, the following application documents must be submitted to Ms. Bente Janda, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Services, Student Success Center, by 5 p.m. on Monday, October 24th.

  1. A one-page resume including:
  • Full name
  • Current mailing address, phone number, and email address
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Expected graduation date
  • Degree program
  1. A one-page essay (Times New Roman, 12-point font) answering the following question:
  • "How has the nominee contributed to the College of Business Administration while being an undergraduate student?"

Applications containing more than two pages will not be considered. Late applications will not be considered.

If you consider yourself, a friend, or any CBA student as a potential candidate for this award, please nominate them or encourage the person you consider worthy to apply. Self, peer, or faculty nominations are encouraged.

As the nominator, you will write the essay for why you believe the nominee is worthy. Please collect and attach the nominee's resume to turn in with the application. Resumes sent in separately from the essay will not be accepted. All nominations must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, October 24th.

If you have any questions, please contact Bente Janda in the Student Success Center at 785-532-6180, or bjanda@ksu.edu.

Outstanding seniors

Dec. 2016 - Kathryn Clawson

May 2016 - Anne Feldkamp

Dec. 2015 - Minh Mac

May 2015 - Michael Records

Dec. 2014 - Jake Pritchard

May 2014- Rebecca Kohman

Dec. 2013- Kendal Clawson

May 2013- Nick Moeder

Dec. 2012- Lainie Sjeklocha

May 2012- Jacqueline Spahn

Dec. 2011- Jinzi Chen

May 2011- Lesley Wichern

Dec. 2010- Allan J. Saylor

May 2010- Danielle Devlin

Dec. 2009- Nathan Garcia

May 2009- Chelsea L'Ecuyer

Dec. 2008- William Lopez

May 2008-  Kendall L. Coad

Dec. 2007- Leisha Harrison

May 2007- Melissa Kramer

Dec. 2006- Audrey Ladenburger

May 2006- Roger P. Seiler

Dec. 2005- Hazel Nash

May 2005-  Hayley Urkevich

Dec. 2004- Tamara Kaeb

May 2004-  John O'Hara

Dec. 2003-  Meredith Seitz

May 2003-   Luca Bucl

Dec. 2002-  Sheila Luke

May 2002-   Christy Hanley

Dec. 2001-   Erik Anderson

May 2001-   Amy Hageman

2000           Laura A. Rector

1999           Chad Jackson

1998           James K. Boomer