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College of Business Administration

American Dream Scholarship

In 2013, the College of Business Administration started the planning for a new scholarship to assist deserving students in their pursuit of the American Dream. We want to perpetuate the ideal that every person should have an opportunity to prosper through hard work, including the chance for every American to receive a good education and have a successful career.

Providing people with opportunities for higher education is the way American society promotes social and economic mobility, however, tough economic times, increased student loan debt and substantially reduced state support for public institutions of higher education are among the factors that have put the attainability of the American Dream in jeopardy for many American families.

This scholarship is designed to give deserving students the chance to receive a top quality education, and engage young alumni.

The college envisions developing teams of 50 young alumni to pledge $10 per month for their team's scholarship. This scholarship will provide one year of tuition ($6,000) for a qualifying business student with demonstrated financial need. The team commits to four years of support for that same student, after which, the team can decide to go on, or split in two to fund scholarships for two students. Simultaneously, other teams of 50 young alumni will be formed to multiply the number of scholarships available.

As a feature of the program, each team will benefit from a Philanthropic Mentor(s) to advise the young alumni on building their team, explaining the importance of following through on commitments, and understanding the meaning of stewardship and the rationale for giving back to their Alma Mater.

The young alumni electing to participate will make an automatic donation of $10 every month from a credit card to the scholarship account established through the KSU Foundation.

Scholarship qualifications

Each team's scholarship will be awarded by the College of Business Administration Scholarship Committee to a student qualified through Kansas State University Financial Aid to directly reduce the tuition bill of a scholarship recipient.

Share how you live the American Dream!

Meet American Dream Team #1

See some of the CBA Alumni who are already working together to sponsor a student.

Meet Bryan Davis

The Management Information Systems major who was chosen as the first American Dream scholarship recipient.

American Dream fund

When giving to the American Dream scholarship, please use:

Fund Number R04405

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