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College of Business Administration

Honors Program

The University Honors Program, or the UHP, encourages students to grow in the intellectual craft of scholarship. Through cultural and performing arts events, skill-development workshops, travel opportunities and challenging course work, UHP students develop intellectual curiosity about the world, its wonders and its complexity. The UHP challenges students to reach their full potential as scholarly, competent and fulfilled leaders.

In the College of Business, our mission for the Honors Program is to provide a community where high-achieving undergraduates can commit to the pursuit of their passions and develop as business scholars. The program stresses undergraduate research, cultural exploration, leadership, and service. Honors Students in the College of Business should exhibit an ability to think critically, identify and answer complex problems, and communicate effectively verbally and non-verbally. They should emerge with an appreciation for learning and scholarly inquiry.

Interested in joining the K-State Business Honors program? Click here for program requirements.

College of Business honors students also enjoy the benefits of:


College of Business Honors Committee Contacts

Dr. Joseph Ugrin – Associate Professor and College Honors Committee Chair

Ms. Lindsey Cordill – Academic Advisor

Dr. Tareque Nasser – Assistant Professor of Finance

Mr. David Lehman – Instructor of Marketing

Dr. Donita Whitney-Bammerlin – Instructor of Management

Dr. Chwen Sheu – Associate Dean for Academic Programs

University Honors Director

Dr. Steven Dandaneau – Vice Provost and Interim Program Director

Mr. James Hohenbary - Associate Director

Drew Kohlmeier - Program Assistant