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Kansas State University offers a MBA for working professionals with at least 3 to 5 years of experience. The main difference between our online Professional MBA and our face-to-face MBA in the Manhattan campus, is the ability to do course work at your own pace, and the constant integration of examples from your own professional experience within the classes.

The Kansas State Professional MBA is taught by the same qualified professors that teach graduate courses in the Manhattan campus, and is designed to give you the competitive edge you need to advance in your career, including personalized attention, a professional development plan personalized to your career needs, and a required faculty-led travel experience in addition to the academic curriculum, and ongoing opportunities to interact with the astounding network of professional Kansas State alumni.

Earning a degree from Kansas State means joining a network of passionate alumni. A degree from the AACSB Accredited College of Business Administration connects you to a network of very successful alumni and friends of the college. 

PMBA Recruitment Events

The PMBA program will be holding several recruitment events throughout the year in locations across the region. These events are a great chance to network with other potential students and learn more about the program. 

Join us for an informational session to learn more about advancing your career with a professional MBA today! RSVP to  Suzy Auten,


ECON 815- Economic Analysis for Business (3 credits)
ACCTG 810- Foundations of Accounting and Finance (3 credits)
MANGT 810- Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
MANGT 820- Behavioral Management Theory (3 credits)
MANGT 830- Information Technology Strategy and Application (3 credits)
MKTG 810- Marketing Concepts and Research (3 credits)
ACCTG 860- Management Accounting and Business Problem Solving (3 credits)
FINAN 815- Corporate Finance (3 credits)
GENBA 880- Business Strategy (3 credits)
MANGT 860- Managing the Triple Bottom Line Business (3 credits)
GENBA 890- Business Capstone (3 credits)
GENBA 875- MBA International Business Experience (1 credit)
GENBA 800- Professional Development (2 credits)

Electives (3 credits) 

*Classes are eight weeks long

Program Requirements

  • 2-day regional student orientation, including team building, networking and professional development components. New students will be required to attend, but all returning students are encouraged to take advantage of this networking opportunity.
  • Total of 39 credits or as few as 30 credits depending on the individual's previous undergraduate business course work.
  • Faculty-led international trip
  • Professional Development and Learning seminar

Course Sequencing

    • Fall 1 - MANGT 820. ACCTG 810
    • Spring 1 - MKTG 810, MANGT 830
    • Summer 1 - ECON 815
    • Fall 2 - ACCTG 860, MANGT 810
    • Spring 2 - FINAN 815, MANGT 860
    • Summer 2 - GENBA 875-International Trip, GENBA 880
    • Fall 3 - GENBA890-Capstone, GENBA 800-Prof. Dev., Elective
    • Spring 1 - MKTG 810, MANGT 830
    • Summer 1 - ECON 815
    • Fall 1 - MANGT 820, ACCTG 810
    • Spring 2 - FINAN 815, MANGT 860
    • Summer 2 - GENBA 875-International Trip, GENBA 880
    • Fall 2 - ACCTG 860, MANGT 810, Elective
    • Spring 3 - GENBA 890-Capstone, GENBA 800-Prof. Dev.

Application Requirements

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in undergraduate degree
  • Minimum score of 500 in the GMAT
  • 6 hours of undergraduate economics courses
  • 6 hours of undergraduate statistics OR 3 hours of graduate statistics courses
  • Calculus undergraduate course or pre-determined score in the qualitative portion of the GMAT
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Pearson Test of English, less than 2 years old (non-native 
    English speakers only)

    * Applicants who are submitting iBT TOEFL (internet based) scores must 
    have a minimum total score of 79 with no part score below 20 on the 
    reading, listening, and writing sections.
    * Applicants who are submitting a paper-based TOEFL (PBT) test scores 
    must have a minimum total score of 550 with no part score below 55 on 
    reading or listening sections and a TWE (Test of Written English) score 
    of 5.0 or higher.
    * Applicants who are submitting an IELTS score must have a minimum total 
    score of 6.5 with part scores of 6.5 or higher on the reading, 
    listening, and writing sections.
    * Applicants who are submitting a Pearson Test of English (PTE) score 
    must have a minimum total score of 58 with part scores of 58 or higher.


Tuition is $2,500 per 3 credit class for in-state and out-of-state students. 

The maximum total tuition is $32,000. This does not include costs related to the required international trip or regional orientation and professional development seminar.

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Suzy Auten
Director, PMBA Program

Student Testimonials

How to Apply

1- Completed graduate school application form

2- Pay non-refundable fee $70

3- Write a one-page statement of objectives

4- Submit three letters of recommendation

5- GMAT score, less than 5 years old (K-State code 6334)

6- TOEFL score, less than 2 years old (non-native English speakers only)

A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test, with a score of 57 in each section, or 215 on the computer-based test, with a score of 25 in each section, is required.

7 -Completed affidavit of financial support (international students only)

8- Two official transcripts

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