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College of Business Administration

Business Executive Mentor Program

The Kansas State University Business Executive Mentor Program provides students with the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced executives by forging long-lasting, professional relationships.

Our executive mentors are individuals with at least 7 years of professional experience and expertise in business. They are alumni and friends of K-State who volunteer their time to help students prepare professionally and succeed in their chosen career. Here are a few of the ways in which a mentor can help you:

  • Coach you on your soft skills
  • Critique your resume
  • Discuss industry trends
  • Introduce you to colleagues to help you build your professional network
  • Identify internship and job opportunities
  • Provide tips for interviewing
  • Give advice on professional communication, dress and demeanor

With an executive mentor, you will gain an advantage over other young professionals preparing to enter the workforce as you will learn about drive, attitude, professionalism and the importance of networking while still in college.

Before applying for an executive mentor, please read through our answers to frequently asked questions.

You must meet the following criteria in order to apply to be matched with an Executive Mentor:

  • Register for and attend an Executive Mentor Information Session (not required for MBA or MAcc students).
  • Be a student enrolled in a degree program within the College of Business Administration.
  • Be at least sophomore standing (30 credits) or greater.
  • Be no closer than two semesters from your anticipated graduation – we want your mentor to be able to work with you for a year or more before you graduate.
  • Be prepared to engage in a professional relationship, one in which you will be responsible for maintaining regular communication, willing to listen and learn, and take initiative.

Apply Here

For more information about the Executive Mentor program, please contact:

Emily Brueseke
Program Director

Myranda Kimble
Professional Development Advisor

Physical location: K-State Alumni Center, 3rd Floor, Information Services Suite (West)
Mailing address: 107 Calvin Hall

"I feel that you need to learn from the best in order to one day be the best.  That's what this program is all about."

- James Overby, program participant and '13 grad in marketing

Resources for Students

Guide for mentees

Mentoring agreement

Making the most out of your Executive Mentor (Video)

Suggested mentoring activities

Mentor-recommended books

Goal setting worksheet

Travel grant application

Recommended Websites

10 questions to ask your mentor

Mentoring tips for entrepreneurs

Mentee of the Year

2015 - Samuel Marshall
2014 - Deji Ferreira
2013 - Josh Banwart
2012 - Katrina Brasfield


Executive mentor, Dave Dreiling, talks to students after the April 2012 Executive Mentor Appreciation Luncheon.