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Professional Advantage, the College of Business Administration's professional development program, enhances student education and marketability with three core areas that prepare students for a successful career, help them excel in the workplace, and enrich their lives.

Skills like building a personal brand, business etiquette, managing finances, and community involvement -- chosen to be part of the program with the input of business executives, students, and faculty -- will contribute to student success for many years after college.  Through Professional Advantage, you can help students learn to navigate the job market, network effectively, interview skillfully, and give them the opportunity to be matched with an Executive Mentor for personal career guidance.  these and other soft skills, paired with their academic education, will give our students an edge to the start of their careers.

Ways to Get Involved

Provide Seminars - Professional Advantage seminars are primarily provided by K-State alumni and CBA corporate partners.  You, or a colleague, can provide a seminar on any professional development topic you have expertise and interest in.  Examples include networking effectively, acing the behavior-based interview, professional dress, and time management.  Successful seminars engage students directly through participation, use personal examples from the preseenter's experience, and provide students information on opportunities with the company.

Attend Networking Events - Professional Advantage networking events provide students, companies, and alumni the opportunity to meet and discuss career opportunities, share expertise, and gain experience. 

Recognize and Recommend the Program - To receive Professional Advantage distinction students must complete 8 hours of program activities per year (2 semesters) in which they are enrolled in the college.  Students who meet the program requirements will receive a notation on their transcript as proof of successful completion of Professional Advantage and will include the program on their resume.  If your company recognizes Professional Advantage as an important element to developing professionalism for career success, please complete this survey endorsing the program, and look for Professional Advantage on CBA student resumes beginning in December 2012.  Your endorsement will help the program grow, encourage students to participate, and produce professional hires who you know are well prepared and have skills to represent your company.

Provide Feedback - We want you to be a part of the success of our students.  By telling us what you are looking for in new hires, we can help prepare students to be attractive candidates and successful employees at your company.


Olivia Law-DelRosso, director
Myranda Kimble, program associate

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