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Engagement Opportunities for Alumni, Recruiters, & Other Industry Professionals

Professional Advantage, a professional development program, especially for business students, enhances education and marketability by preparing students for a successful career.

"I chose to participate in Professional Advantage because the company I really want to work for is very involved in it. I have gotten to go to countless speaking events, networking opportunities and meet many employees at that company. The Professional Advantage program can benefit any student, regardless of their year in school or major." - Kathryn MacGregor, Graduate in Marketing

Partner with Professional Advantage

Provide training to students and share your expertise: 

  • Professional Advantage Seminars
  • Resume Review or Mock Interview Workshops
  • Company Meet and Greets
  • Networking Events
  • Dining Etiquette

To complete the program, students are trained in core areas identified by company executives and recruiters as being critical to career success. 

Students earning a total of 32 Professional Advantage points by graduation:
1. Earn Professional Advantage Certification to include on their resume
2. Receive a transcript notation, a certificate, and recognition at graduation

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Develop relationships with students at different stages of their career at K-State through training sessions targeted for freshman to seniors
  • Through teaching students professional skills you can establish your reputation as a major employer who cares about student development
  • Access to groups of business students who want to learn from your expertise and learn about the opportunities at your company
  • Network with business students in a casual setting
  • Brand your company in the College of Business Administration

Ask Business Students about Professional Advantage

  • Ask K-State business students about their involvement and look for Professional Advantage Certification on their resume
  • The program is voluntary so student involvement indicates to you that they are dedicated to their professional development
  • Once they have completed the program you know that the student has received training in soft skill areas of etiquette, interviewing, diversity and cross-cultural competence, leadership, and networking  

Click here to learn more about engagement opportunities. 

Every Student Can Succeed!!!   






Olivia Law-DelRosso, Director
Myranda Kimble, Professional Development Advisor
Jayme Maupin, Events Coordinator 

Alumni Center, 3rd Floor, Information Services Suite (West)
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506