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College of Business Administration

Assurance of Learning: Student Learning Outcomes

College of Business Administration Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Written Communications
    Students will demonstrate written communication skills appropriate for business situations.
  • Oral Communications
    Students will create and effectively deliver oral presentations that are concise and informative and conduct research appropriate to the task at hand.
  • Teamwork
    Students will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively in teams of diverse composition.
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Financial Analysis Skills
    Students will demonstrate the ability to perform basic financial analysis.
  • Computer Skills
    Students should demonstrate proficiency in the use of general productivity software in business applications with an emphasis on Microsoft Excel.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge
    Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of theories and methods in the basic disciplines of Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing and Information Systems.
  • Competency in Discipline
    Students will demonstrate the ability to apply theories and methods to the solution of common types of problems related to their academic field of study.
  • Global Perspectives
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of global dimensions of business including socio-cultural, political-legal, financial, technological and economic environments.
  • Ethical Reasoning
    Students will have the skills to make decisions grounded in ethical thinking.


MBA Program Outcomes

For the Masters of Business Administration Degree

It is our expectation that graduates with a Masters of Business Administration degree will have these characteristics:

  • An understanding of business operations from a system perspective with knowledge of management, marketing, finance, information systems and accounting
  • An ability to identify and analyze business problems and opportunities in global political, social and technological environments
  • An ability to contribute during multidisciplinary and team-based problem-solving activities
  • An ability to make persuasive presentations that reveal strong written and oral communication skills
  • An understanding of the role of ethics in business decision-making

MAcc Program Outcomes

For the Masters of Accountancy Degree

It is expected that students with a Masters degree in Accountancy will have the following characteristics:

  • Technical knowledge of accounting
    • Students will demonstrate knowledge of tax laws in a corporate setting.
    • Students will demonstrate knowledge of financial accounting in a consolidated environment. 
  • Effective communicators
    • Students will make compelling presentations.
    • Students will create effective business documents that use accounting sources and evidence that apply the appropriate accounting context and conventions.
  • Effective critical thinkers and problem solvers
    • Students will apply accounting knowledge to multi-faceted problems. 
  • A professional mindset